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A video game is a form of entertainment for people of all age groups, from kids to teenagers and teenagers to the mature ones, so guys, do you want to know such a game related to animals like a dragon? If yes, then you are in the right place. Dragon City Mod APK is the best choice for you if you love to get and feed your dragon and to expand your city by fighting against other dragons. You can enjoy the game even on your mobile devices with full features.
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If you are a gamer, I am sure that you will be more than happy when you learn a fantastic game. Dragon City Mod APK is the one that can entertain you as much as you can imagine. It is based on the social network and was initially launched for Facebook play in 2013. Then it was also available for OS devices by downloading. Dragon City new latest version is a private server for collecting, training & raising dragons.

Dragon City Mod Apk

Dragon City Mod APK

Name Dragon City Mod Apk
Version 10.9.2
Developer Social point
Requires 4.1 and up
Size 130 MB
Mod Features Unlimited Everything
Updated 1 day ago

Dragon City Apk information

A video game is a form of entertainment for people of all age groups, from kids to teenagers and teenagers to the mature ones, so guys, do you want to know such a game related to animals like a dragon? If yes, then you are in the right place. Dragon City Mod APK is the best choice for you if you love to get and feed your dragon and to expand your city by fighting against other dragons. You can enjoy the heroic dragon city even on your mobile devices with full features.

Dragon city characters

Simulation games will be popular day by day because they are designed to simulate real-life activities using different animations and real-time characters. Many simulation games have become famous on the internet, but the dragon city mod is the best one. Social Point Technologies have developed the Dragon city game around seven years ago. Play store rating of it is 4.3* and with many of the complementary views.

Dragon city tutorial

There are many things which you have to learn to play Dragon city like a pro. For example, how to feed and breed your dragon, how to get money and gems. This article will help you to know everything about dragon city unlimited gems gold. When you start the game, you offered a fast tutorial for complete information regarding the controls and assets.

Security & Privacy

Dragon city app is a modified, developed application, also called dragon city mod apk, which will allow you to experience the magical portion of the game. The game also offers you to get additional online dragon fights. Another plus point is that you don’t have to worry about security issues, which means you can use it even on low configuration devices. The dragon city simulator developers ensure its users that their social gaming account will never be banned, so you can say that it is an antiban AAP. User’s privacy and security are the priority of the game developers.

Dragon City Dragons

After going through the tutorial, the first thing you have to do is build your own Dragon City, and you have to fight with different online rivals, and you have to protect the buildings, farms, and the people.

Dragon City Unlimited Gems & Money

The best feature of the dragon city apk is that you can get unlimited gems, money, and food without any cost, as gems are essential to create resources to get them by leveling up, and you have to use real money to buy gems in your account. One of the game’s available resources is Gold, and you have to earn Gold by selling dragons or their eggs.

Dragon city tournament

You can also earn the gold by winning any tournament or in the Monday bonus. Mod version of Dragon City App is called dragon city mod apk, which some developers cracked to get everything unlocked from starting. So while playing dragon city level, you don’t have to worry about gold because you will have unlimited gold.

Easy to Earn

Suppose you have any experience of dragon city fight. In that case, you will have observed that it becomes challenging and time-consuming to collect money and gems to expand your city, so the developers of this game have solved this problem of the game users. Because of the modification in the original Dragon City Game, in this apk, you can get unlimited money, gems, and food, and in this way, you can make your dragon stronger than the other dragons to beat them.

Variety of Dragons

Download Dragon city game, you may breed up to 1000 new dragons and enable them to look more attractive. There are many games on the internet related to dragons, but dragon city superstar dragon is an amazing one because of having 80 million dragon masters. You will find many playable Dragons in the game. You can not only buy them, but also you can breed them, and you can easily unlock them all. Some of the Dragons are Dual Dragon, Bohemian Dragon, Title Dragon, Wind Dragon, Legacy Dragon, etc.

Game Mechanism

The mechanism of the game is effortless. In the game, you are a Dragon Master, and you have to collect maximum dragons and make such a big collection of them. Your team strength depends upon the collection of Dragons; you have more dragons and a stronger team, and when you have a strong team, you will be able to win more and more battles.

Dragon city Breeding

In this game, you are actually in charge of a Dragon farm. You collect Dragon’s eggs, and when you hatch them, the newly created Dragons are put in your own Dragon City. You also have to take care of the time to time. Being in charge of your farm, it is also your duty to feed your Dragons, for which you have to use different resources and make them stronger; you have to grow them properly.

Battles, Leagues & Tournaments

You offered to build magical buildings, and you have to battle with thousands of online players by showing your Dragon’s powers. You have unlimited fun by having hundreds of missions. Once you have created a strong team of Dragons, you have to use them in different battles, and by winning the matches, leagues, and tournaments, you will increase your rank.

Dragon City Rewards

There are many achievements due to which you win many rewards like gold, gems, and even unique Dragons. You have to hold 1000 powerful and beautiful dragons. You have a wide variety of dragon skins, which are updated regularly. This game will open an ancient world of Dragons for you to stay in and enjoy everything there. This game is an entertainment source for the teens and a source for the people who are fond of colorful dragons with some special powers.

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Dragon city farm

This game will give you a chance to fill your self-created farm with habitats and buildings. You also have the opportunity to breed the Dragons and transform them into powerful beasts. It’s a fascinating game with strategic battles in real-time against fire-breathing creatures. You go to the Peninsula, located in the heights where you see unusual creatures being grown there.

Strategic Game

The creators of this game have included outstanding elements of the most famous strategies. You have to grow special foods for your Dragons, which seem to be harmless creatures fond of eating fruits and vegetables. Still, they become dangerous creatures opposite to their appearance. You have to breed these Dragons and hatch their eggs by using incubators. After breeding, you have to make them strong enough to fight in the battle.

Size of the Game

This application is small in size, which requires a minimum version of a mobile-like 4.1 or more. Because of its amazing features and small size, it downloaded more than 100 million.

Game Price

Dragon city magnet dragon is free of cost. You can freely download it to play on any device. You don’t have to purchase this game by spending your hard-earned money because after downloading it, you will have everything unlocked to breed, hatch, and make your dragons healthy. Dragon city android cheats are not only available for android but also for PC.

Dragon City Mod Apk Unlimited Everything

The very first thing which the gamers look for is the available features of it. A good game must have fantastic features to attract and engage gamers. If the game is free of cost, then it becomes more attractive for its users. If the user is allowed to play the game with his friends, it becomes more beautiful and playful. You have a lot of players and the opportunities to show them the strength of your Dragons. You will have new dragons and new adventures every week to enjoy more and more. Wherever you are, you can protect your dragon in no time.


The app is automatically updated synchronized regularly, and every array of it is unlocked. You are required not only to breed and feed your Dragons but also to construct your buildings by establishing a Dragon farm.

Dragon City Features

If you want to know how amazing this unlimited gems dragon city game is, you will have to look at its unique features. You will have everything unlimited here, but there are many other features that you have to know to play the game much better than others.

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Dragon City Unlocked Source

Dragon city gameplay where you can win every single game because everything is already unlocked. The open-source will give you another experience of the game if you are a newbie or a beginner and want to start your journey to explore the world of Dragons. The game launched with complete social access.

Primary & Special Dragons

Dragon City Apk Mod’s interface is exactly like the official Dragon city game having the same assets. The game is straightforward to control. All of the missions are very easy to manage and complete. All of the Dragons are unlocked, which consists of around 500 kinds. There are not only ordinary dragons, which are called primary Dragons but also unique Dragons that have special skills and abilities. When a mission is completed successfully, you are given access to more and more Dragons.

Dragon city Hybrid Dragons

Another fantastic feature is that you can create hybrid dragons with combinations of different ten types of Dragons like Flame, Terra, Sea, Nature, Electric, Ice, Metal, Dark, Pure, and Legend. It is not the end here because you are given regular official updates for the Dragons and assets.

Dragon city Multiplayer Access

When you use this app, it offered dragon city unlimited gems apk, and you don’t have to pay even a single penny to avail of all that. If you have experienced the official Dragon City game, you will know that it takes too much time and money to create resources. You have to work hard and play the game for long hours to earn a few coins and gems. Still, as compared to the Dragon City Apk Mod, there is no limit to creating resources, and without any hard work, you can earn a lot of coins and a dragon city gem to purchase the assets.

Another very unique feature of this game is online multiplayer access. There are many simulation games available on the internet which provide you the same features. Still, playing the game online means that those games are just computer simulation games, but it offers multiplayer games with real players.


This article provides full information about the dragon city app download and its best features as it has the same interface as the official Dragon City game. You don’t feel any difference. Being the modified version of the official game, you don’t have to worry about root access, so you can comfortably play the game whether your device is rooted or not. This application is the door to a fantastic world that is full of adventures and excitement. So download it and get access to unlimited resources and if you need any further information or are feeling any confusion, then feel free to mention it in the comment box.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get Cool Fire Dragon in Dragon City?

If you want to get Cool Fire Dragon in dragon city mod apk unlimited gems. First of all, you will have to breed the dragon by tapping on “Start Breed.” You will have to wait for the breeding time to be over. After that, you will have an egg there to be hatched. You offered different combinations, and you have to choose one of them. You have to tap on the hatch, and after, you will have to place it.

How to get a Legendary Dragon in Dragon City?

Legendary dragons consider being very powerful and useful dragons in battles. To get a mythical dragon, you have to breed pure and pure hybrids together. The breeding time for legendary dragons may be 2days and around 6 hours.

How to breed Cool Fire Dragon in Dragon City?

You have to use hybrid dragons only if you want to get Cool Fire Dragon. The best way to get Cool Fire Dragon is to combine Fluorescent dragon with Laser Dragon. If you don’t get the Cool Fire dragon by using this combination, you will have to go for another variety, or you may rebreed in the breeding tree.

How to breed Emerald Dragon in Dragon City?

The Emerald Dragon is a dragon that you may generally breed by combining two dragons, or you may also purchase it. You may also get it if you can pass Earth, Plant, and Energy elements. If you want to buy it, then you will have to use 1,640 Gems for that. But for any of the options, you will have to reach level 19.

How to get Gummy Dragon in Dragon City?

If you want to get Gummy Dragon, you will have to combine Tropical or Cactus with Electric Dragon. However, then you will have better chances to get Gummy Dragon. The second option is that you will have to go for an electric hybrid route to combine Star or Chameleon with nature dragon, which will produce Gummy Dragon for you.

How to level up fast in Dragon City?

If you want to level up fast in the Dragon City game, you will have to do some things. First of all, you will have to breed as many dragons as you can mean maximum dragons. Secondly, you often have to use the farm. You may purchase a big farm, and then you have to sell it again, and this way, you will get maximum experience, which will help you level fast in Descargar dragon city.



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