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Earn to Die 2 Mod APK is such a fantastic game that lets you enter a world that depicts the story of a man who is trapped in a desert of wind, sun, and zombies. The main task which is given to you in this game is to reach the evacuation point by using an old car. You have to drive your old card and crush zombies to accomplish this goal.
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Earn to Die 2 Mod APK is such a fantastic game that lets you enter a world that depicts the story of a man who is trapped in a desert of wind, sun, and zombies. The main task given to you in this game is to reach the evacuation point by using an old car. You have to drive your old card and crush zombies to accomplish this goal.

 You have to go as far as you can. When you move, you will earn money daily, and you will have to use this money to buy and upgrade the car, with the help of which you to take yourself out of this deadly desert.

Additional Information

Name Earn to Die
Developer Teen
Version 1.4.29
Size 70 MB
Requires 4.1
Mod Features Unlimited Money
Updated 1 day ago

Earn to Die 2 Mod APK Features

Beautiful Graphics

Graphics play a significant role, mostly if we talk about a game. Earn to Die 2 Mod APK is concerned. It has beautiful 2D graphics and has ten unfamiliar cars with different accessories. While playing this game, you will be so fascinated by it. You lose your sleep every night when you will trying to upgrade the car to reach the upcoming stop. Keep in mind that the longer you will play the game, the more complicated your journey will be. The gameplay of off-road driving to which you will already be familiar. To operate the vehicles on rough roads having dangerous obstacles and bloodthirsty zombies.

Story Line

In Earn to Die Mod APK, you will imagine a survivor in the zombie disaster. You will start the game with a bit of money in your hand and an old car on the road. The levels in this game are structured as a multi-stage style, so you can choose your happenings at each level by choosing between highways or underground tunnels. But whatever you select, you will have to face zombies, and you can’t avoid them.

An Action Game

Usually, zombie genre games have action elements like shooting, slashing, cutting, or doing different things to kill these zombies. Earn to Die 2 APK Mod have to use cars to crash and kill these zombies so that this game can be considered the first game for this series of games. Different types of equipment and eight foreign vehicles with you have seven materials to enhance your vehicle to be more powerful. To purchase these vehicles by winnings in the game. 

Offered to unlock and upgrade unfamiliar vehicles. These unfamiliar vehicles include from sports car to ice-cream vans. You can also equip your cars with guns, which will increase your chances of fleeing zombies.

Action with Racing Mod

Earn to Die 2 APK is the second work in the Earn to die series developed by Not Doppler. This game has been included plot mode and racing to make the entire game more thrilling and exciting. Currently, there are ten original models in the game. Each vehicle will have eight types of parts that you can modify, including engine, gearbox, weapons, tires, accelerator, fuel tank, armour, and a counterweight. Each of the components will have a different modification level.

You may modify engines, gearboxes, and accelerators to be upgraded to reach the highest level, but secondary components like tires, counterweights, and weapons will not be troublesome. 

How to Play

At the start of Earn to Die, you will find everything will be ready, and you will have to rush towards the destination. When you enter the game, you will feel the image expressiveness of the game is good. You will be in an old city in the distance, having ruined high rise buildings. 

You will find a route map at the top of the screen in each of the levels. The route map will be as a straight line, which will have gas stations marked on it. There will be a sign of the last card which tells you that you will get an unfamiliar car at the end of every level to continue driving.

Control Panel

While playing Earn to Die 2 Mod, you find four primary control keys displayed on the screen that you can use to tilt, speed up and boost the card, but the boost will only be shown to you when you will buy a boost tool in the garage. The tilt keys will help you to overcome rough ramps, which will prevent the vehicle from overturning.

This game has no ‘Game over,” so there is no need to be worrying about losing. You will be given a certain amount of gasoline to get to your destination, and if you need more, you will have to buy it in the garage. The difficulty of the game is increasing when you encounter the harder zombies.

Game Modes

However, it has two modes. One is called plot mode, and the second one is called mission mode, which is not opened for you because you are required to complete various side tasks to get more rewards or unlock additional levels. When you complete the story play, you will be offered two more sections, the first one is Halloween and the second one is Championship.

In Halloween mode, your target will be pumpkins instead of the destination. You give gasoline permanently, and you will have upgraded cars to full size. You will have to collect enough pumpkins. While in Championship mode, you will be given a default car and a sum of money to upgrade your vehicle. 

Special Features

There are some of the unique features of Earn to Die 2 Mod APK unlimited money. The story mode, which a brand new model, is five times longer than the original version. You will have a city background, highways, underground tunnels, etc., to crush the zombies. There are super extra cars that include sports cars, cop cars, and low vans to upgrade. This game is not only exciting but also challenging game. Unlike the usual racing games, you will have to control cars over specific terrain and rugged roads, and you will have to fight and kill scary zombies.

Sound Effects 

Sound is a factor that plays a significant role in any gameplay because the low sound will not let the play enjoy. In ityou will experience such an excellent sound effect. The engine’s growling is like a realistic sound when your car will be crashed into obstacles or killing zombies, which amazingly attracts the players.


Overall Earn to Die 2 Mod APKappears to be an excellent game in which you will have a thrilling and exciting gameplay experience. There are many racing games available on the internet, but this game is much more different as we compare it to others. Zombies have become a recent trend in all apps, videos, and as well as in games. It has simple 2D graphics with excellent gameplay, which will take you into a fantastic world of vehicle driving and zombie killing. It has straightforward gameplay but full of entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use your boost on Earn to Die 2 Mod APK?

You can quickly boost on Earn to Die 2 Mod APK. You will have to keep your finger on the acceleration button, and you will be put in an outfitted card to deal with many of zombie’s apocalypse. During this stage, you will have to keep your finger on the acceleration button so that you can keep moving. When you will do so, the risk of failure will become lower.


What's new

- Performance improvements
- Bug fixes



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