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One of the most exciting and unique APK of games is GTA Vice City APK, including San Andreas, and GTA 5. Thus, GTA Vice City has become one of the most popular in a brief period.
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2002 was the best year for gamers because a famous Rockstar publisher decided to launch GTA Vice City. Now, we also have gta vice city apk, so we can play it on Android. It is an action-adventure game for all video game lovers. Many people worldwide love this game and enjoy all the challenging missions. You get to experience an entirely natural environment in the game, and it also awards you with something valuable after every achievement.


Moreover, it is not a regular game that you play on your phone, but it features high resolution and stunning graphics, completely changes the idea of video gaming. You would ask to unlock several modes in the game by passing through the hurdles of tricky missions that require your total concentration and good decision-making skills. Besides, it allows you to spend money to buy weapons, new cars, and other required tools you might need to get through the challenge. Also, Check out Snaptik.

GTA Vice City APK

So. without further ado, let’s go ahead.

Game Play – Concept

Understanding a GTA Vice City game concept is not complex. It is all about a person who has two choices to live in a town. Either a person can be an evil one, or he can be a person who stays in the good books of everyone.

The gaming environment will be entirely natural, like your hometown. Now, suppose you are a good person, and you are willing to help the people around you. So, your missions are more likely to revolve around driving taxies or ambulances, assisting people to recover things from robbers, carrying injured people to the hospitals, etc. You can also buy new vehicles, including scooters, bikes, cars, and get the villas at your desired location by acquiring unlimited money from the GTA Vice City mod. Besides, the game will facilitate you with city maps, other necessary things you need in the helping process and make you a better person. Check out X8 Speeder here.

However, you have another choice of being an evil person in the town. It will be more exciting and challenging because you have to commit some crimes to fulfill the missions. As a criminal in the town, you might need to perform robberies, drug dealings, killing people, and much worse things. And while you are busing doing criminal things, the town police will be searching for you all the time. Fortunately, you will have a chance of running and keep yourself safe from the police. Since you are involved in illegal activities, you can buy some weapons and complete the challenges.

That’s it. That is what you do in the GTA Vice City. It is all about completing missions and unlock the next phase of the game, for which you are required to perform certain tasks. Also, it will be exciting gameplay because you get to experience more than you could imagine while sitting in your comfortable chair.

GTA Vice City APK Characters

There are different characters in the game appearing at several missions to make it more exciting and engaging. Every character is essential and plays a dynamic role in the game.

The first and most prominent character of the game that appears at the very beginning is Tommy Vercetti, who works under Forelli, the head of the criminal family. Then, we have is Ken Rosenberg, who plays the character of Vercetti’s lawyer, securing his release from prison every time He commits any criminal act. He also suspects committing several crimes, including cheating in a law school and involving drugs, especially at the beginning of the game.

Furthermore, another partner of Versetti will show up. Namely, Lance Vance, who will be a prominent drug dealer involves in several crimes. Surprisingly, he has a short appearance in the game and will be killed shortly in Keep your Friends close mission.

Other prominent characters of the game could be Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez, who will appear in The Party, along with Ricardo Diaz, who will be the dangerous head of the gang in The Party mission, killed shortly by the end. Kent Paul will also appear in the same mission, who will happen to have a criminal mind.

There are so many other characters in the game who appear in different missions with unique characteristics and special qualities, helping or being killed one way or another. All the characters make the game exciting and engaging because we never know their intentions and their next moves.

Features of GTA Vice City APK

The publisher of this famous video game has been striving hard to update the game version with exciting and engaging features, making it the most-loved game of the century. Several features contribute to the success of the game. Some of them are:

  • A player will get complete freedom to explore Miami city.
  • With the unlimited money in the game, you could purchase cars, scooters, and private jets to roll around the town. You could also get some weapons to fight with police and any legal forces with that money.
  • To take the fight with police to the next level, you also purchase rockets and machine guns to destroy them.
  • You can make your car fly by using some cheat codes in the game. It will help you reach the top of the buildings and find the helicopters.
  • Cheat codes can help complete several missions, especially when you are trapped in trouble.
  • Incredible character presentation
  • Fascinating graphics
  • Custom controls with customizable layout
  • Compatible with game controllers
  • Surprisingly, you can gain access to a police uniform as a reward for completing the Cop Land Mission. It will automatically reduce half of your hurdles, and you get the chance to claim $100,000 to continue your purchasing activities. Moreover, the uniform can help you reach the places with high security and blow them easily.
  • You also get to shoot at the seagulls that can be shockingly annoying in the GTA Vice City apk. The city will no longer have any seagulls that come your way for disturbance, and you will also earn the rewards of seagull sniped.
  • GTA Vice City wants you to earn maximum rewards and cash; that’s why it will ask you to find 100 packages in the whole city, and each will be worth a surprise of different valuable prizes. The packages look like small green statues that would not be easy to find, so you should plan and the necessary tools.
  • When you get involved in criminal or illegal activities, you have to face legal forces and sometimes fight with them. So, you always need a bodyguard to protect you. GTA Vice City apk offers you to employe guard if you successfully raise your criminal rank.

GTA Vice City APK: Customizable Layout and Controls

GTA Vice City APK is an action-adventure game with incredible graphics and a user-friendly interface.  With the natural environment of Miami, you can roam around the city in your favorite vehicle and use your advanced weapons to achieve your target.

In addition, every challenge in the GTA Vice City unlocks a mode that would bring new and exciting tasks and help you earn unlimited money. These challenges also enhance your ranking in the game and keep you engaged throughout. Also, check out GTA San Andreas APK.

Surprisingly, GTA Vice City APK offers a customizable layout and several custom controls. It also allows weapon customization to make the game more interesting and increase the possibility of winning tasks.

Besides, GTA Vice City APK offers a wide range of custom controls to make your gaming experience smooth. Let’s see how you can get the customizable layout and controls.

Layout And Controls In GTA Vice City APK

Go to the menu of your game and click on the control, followed by options to get access to control settings. Here is how you can use the custom control features and make the game layout for smooth gaming.

Tap to Shoot

If you activate this control, it allows you to fire from your weapon by tapping anywhere on the right hand of the screen. It is a quick way to defend yourself or put down the target.

Running Jump in Vice City

When you double-tap the Run icon, it enables Tommy to jump even while running.

1st person Autom Aim

Activate this control to have a precise or accurate shoot in the right direction with your rifle or rocket launcher.

View Controls

During the game, you might see several buttons on the screen with the View Controls option, leading you to act according to the situation. Every action has a unique icon that you should remember and practice for making quick decisions and act accordingly.

Driving Controls in Vice City

The game also enables you to adjust the layout while driving. It allows dragging, changing positions of button icons, and resizing them according to your comfort and usage.

On Foot Controls

On-foot control adjustment lets you entirely customize your gaming layout, especially when you are on your foot roaming around the city. It helps you put the button icons wherever you want. You only have to touch the icon and drag them to your required position for easy and quick access.

Flight Controls in Vice City

Oh yes. You can also customize the screen with your favorite and most-used icons of flight controls while flying. Resize them to the short size and have a full screen for your task.

Invert Look

It helps you invert the aim of certain weapons while shooting.

When a gamer is comfortable with the gaming layout, it will enhance his experience and keep him engaged with the game. He can enjoy, make the most out of his time and have complete control of the game.

Missions of Vice City

Gta vice city apk - Missions

In the GTA: Vice City, you will have to complete around 87 missions, breaking them down into categories; you will be having; Three and five missions of Stadium and Phone, respectively. Then, you will have 19 assets and six racing missions, 38 story missions whereas, three remote-controlled and four off-road ones, one sparrow, and eight side missions in total.

Here is a rough idea of some of the essential missions, along with the reward you are most likely to receive.

First, we will start with missions, including street races.

  • You have to win a race in an ocean drive, also across all the Vice city.
  • You also have to win a long, challenging race in Vice point and Washington beach.
  • Get a good racing car for yourself and get ready to chase Escobar International Airport and Little Havana.

These street racing could be an easy yet strategic way to earn cash rewards for buying necessary equipment in challenging missions. So, please do not take these missions for granted, and try your best to complete all of them. That’s how you could reach the endpoint with flying colors.

Next, off-road missions include:

  • Using PCJ-600, you have to pass about 24 checkpoints on the Ocean beach.
  • Again, you need to pass at least five Washington checkpoints to reach your destination.
  • You also have to cross two checkpoints in Sanchez and Landstalker.

If you are a criminal and police are after you, passing through these checkpoints is not as easy as it sounds. It would help if you prepared your mind beforehand to deal with any casualties. Getting weapons with you should be your utmost priority.

Similarly, you need to complete different remote-controlled vehicle missions to reach the next phase of the game and unlock further missions. These include:

  • RC Bandit and RC Baron races are basically races over Car and Plane, which you need to win at any cost.
  • Finally, you need to go through RC Raider pickup and recover few checkpoints using RC Copter.

There are also few side missions in the game, which are probably relatively easy than the others and provide you a chance to win Bloodring Banger spawn points in your total rewards. These side missions may include passing checkpoints, participation in destructions, and lap races to succeed within a strict time limit.

Furthermore, the GTA: Vice City would start with a prison release of Tommy Versetti in the town. He is a mobster of Forell, who helps Harry and Lee deal with their drug dealing business and expand that all over the city. The trading would fail, results in the killing of friends. Later, when Forell gets to know about the incident, he gets angry that Versetti promises to punish the criminals. And, as the completion of the mission, the ocean-view hotel will serve as a reward.

The last mission starts when Sonny Forelli travels to the Vice City to meet Tommy in person for some business deals. Sonny is a Don to Forelli crime family representing them to reclaim their cut after failing to tax Tommy’s business compulsorily.

All the other story-based missions would be similar to this, where the player has to complete several tasks according to his character and get the rewards accordingly. Hence, in the game, character and your understanding of the tasks matters the most. Every part of the game demands quick action, and failure gets nothing in return.

Starting a Mission

Sometimes, many players get confused about starting a mission in the GTA: vice city and whether we need to acquire stuff to pass hurdles.

So, the mission starts with you getting in the car, following the radar map to reach the pink marker destination, and getting out of the vehicle to complete the task. That’s when you should know that you are in the middle of the mission, and there is no going back. However, it is true that to complete specific tasks, you need to acquire land or buy a business to succeed, or sometimes open the additional units of the mission.

Hardest Mission in GTA Vice City APK

GTA Vice City APK Hardest Mission

If you are a new player, almost all the missions seem complicated to you. But, Demolition Man is the one that players consider hardest to achieve. In the following mission, you need to make some strategic decisions and place four bombs in a building at different locations to target the construction site. Yes, it sounds easy; I have not revealed the interesting part yet. Well, you need to cover the enormous construction building to place bombs in a limited time.


With the attractive interface, GTA Vice City brings back a lot of adventurous memories. The game features stunning graphics, making the whole scenario realistic. It is a beautiful piece of the game with neon lights, 3D effects, realistic colors, beachfront, and illegal substances in this 3D era.

Moreover, you can experience different graphic mods of Vice city in the modern era, bringing exciting features to the latest century game. It will help you enhance the overall game texture, graphics, other changes, including skybox, mipmaps, and crisp object details. Moreover, upgrades in the time cycles, color corrections, shadows, and partial effects in the game can also help you understand the environment and succeed in the missions.

In short, the UI elements of the game are one in millions, and the publisher makes sure to master every icon, every little detail in the game to provide the best possible experience to the gamers. Also, the game would not compromise on resolution, textures, and color delivery no matter what platform you are playing.

Bottom Line

Grand Theft Auto, aka GTA, is responsible for making our days tolerable by launching binge-playing video games. It has been our rescue for decades and giving us countless opportunities to rule our own towns while making us a hero. With the incredible environment and fantastic game concept, GTA is made for everyone.

GTA: Vice City is another stunning release of GTA with notable changes than the previous ones. The gameplay is improved, features are more than ever engaging, and the characters are full of fun. The game seems to get inspiration from several movies to make the plot more interesting for gamers, creating an environment based on criminal enterprises.

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