GTA Vice City Bikes – All About Vice City Bikes

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GTA Vice City has a wide variety of bikes available. It is a two-wheel vehicle, helps you escaping the crime scene quickly. Bikes are fast and small vehicles, comparatively four-wheel cars or buses so that they might easily fit and travel to the places where you can not imagine going in your other vehicle. So, we have come up with a guide on GTA vice city bikes.

However,  there are downsides to acquiring bikes, including the chance of getting injured from gunshots. In addition, the possibility of getting caught by cops is high because there is no resistance like doors or windows in a car that you can use to distract them.

Moreover, you can also learn to ride a bike and make it more responsive in the GTA vice city Bike school. It will enhance your riding skill and teach you unique tactics to roam around using this type of vehicle.

GTA Vice City Bikes

Now, we will learn about several bikes accessible in the GTA Vice City for the player.

  • Angel

Angle or a Biker Angel, more like a Freeway, is a gang vehicle in the game. It features saddlebags and patriotic paintwork, making it unique among others. Also, it is pretty heavy but has a powerful engine. In addition, the performance is more like a Freeway but with a wide turning radius.

  • Freeway

Giving you vibes of Harley Davidson, Freeway is available in the GTA Vice City with minor alterations. It has a different class, and its style with fat tires is incredible.

You can consider it among the fastest bike in Vice City with a wide turning angle. However, it is heavy with leather seating and average acceleration, but overall a good option for smooth drifting.

  • Faggio

Scooters are not for everyone. You get to see the same Faggio motor scooter in all the GTA games coming to date. It has a regular scooter structure with notable details at the front including, rear-view mirrors, handlebars, etc.

The back section houses two passengers sitting over a fuel tank. The bike offers impressive performance with a two-stroke engine. Unfortunately, it does not have high speed, but its lightweight and comfort are what attract you.

  • Pizzaboy

Want to roam around the city and make an extra income? Invest in the Pizzaboy, which is a delivery scooter, and enjoy fooling around cops. No cops or law enforcement cars will stop you considering you are merely a delivery boy, and that’s how you can escape.

However, it is a low bike compared to others but can be beneficial if you use it with tactics.


Traveling around Vice City has a different charm, whether on Cars or Bikes. If you are a motorbike fan and want to experience roaming on new and latest models of new brands, you can fulfill this dream in the GTA Vice City, where you can find your desired vehicle against a few of your income. So, invest in the best one to help you escape from the cops and give you tourism pleasure.

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