GTA Vice City Cars – Ultimate Guide on Vice City Cars

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Driving in a GTA Vice City can be a treat to your soul. Roaming around in a high-class vehicle would give you a sense of satisfaction, no matter what role you chose to play. That’s why we have come up with a guide on GTA vice city cars.

GTA Vice City has various vehicles to choose from for yourself and cruise around the town in style. You can purchase certain cars from the SunYard, a famous car showroom in a GTA vice city. However, you need to win certain missions to gather enough money for your favorite or special vehicles available in the Vice City.

Moreover, those vehicles include cars, jeeps, bikes, buses, trucks, etc., of different brands. You can choose them according to the funds available to you and your needs.

Let’s see what cars are available in the GTA Vice City for you. Besides, we’ll first discuss those special ones that require specific mission completion.

Special Cars Available

These are the few special cars that will be available to purchase after completing several missions.

  • When you complete the “When Funday Comes” mission, you will be able to purchase a Quad worth $3000.
  • After completing the Beach Patrol side mission’s level 15, a Bulletproof BF injection worth $4000 will be available.
  • Another exciting mission, “Kill Phill,” opens the chance of purchasing a Bulletproof Stretch worth $3000.

Cars in GTA Vice City

Now, I will be discussing the few possible best cars available in GTA Vice City to drive. You’ll have many options in different categories, i.e., sports cars, expensive cars, streetcars, SUVs, and Gang cars.

  • The Hotring Racer

This handsome car will be available to you quickly after the completion of the Sunshine Autos import mission. This car has a fast enough speed to help you promptly disappear from the scene.

  • The Sabre Turbo

If you are going after style, this Sabre Turbo should be your priority. It is a two-door car, based on its standard model car, offering fast speed and better acceleration capabilities in the GTA Vice City.

  • The Romero

The Romero is a stylish car in a Vice City with high speed and with the ability to make room for four passengers at a time. Though the driving is quite rough, this incredible car is only available to drive in the “Two Bit Hit” mission.

  • The Patriot

Since Vice City is a whole town, throwing realistic vibes with its fantastic graphics, you may have to experience some off-road driving. For that, The Patriot would be the best option for you. With the high suspension and ground clearance, this big heavy car is perfect for climbing risky hills.

It will be available in the Vice City game in a military design, giving a classic look to the one whose driving.

  • The FBI Rancher

This four-wheel car belongs to the law enforcement agencies, but you can get its access after reaching the five-star wanted level. Probably, you’ll need to seal it at one point because having its access is not a piece of cake.

However, if you are lucky enough to get it, you will be at the seven skies as it has a police siren that helps you clear the road and make you run from the scene in no time. It could be a considerable achievement for you if you are a criminal because no one will suspect you while driving the FBI car.


There are several options in the GTA Vice City game to make it more interesting, and getting access to your favorite cars is one of them. It will make you more involved in the game because you will have whatever you wish for after reaching a certain level.

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