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GTA Vice City is more than a contest; it gives you a sense of satisfaction when you complete the task and reach the next level. There are around 87 missions in GTA Vice City that have a particular reward attached to them. Besides, every mission is composed of several tasks that, based on hurdles, require attention, effort, and time for completion. In this article, we will discuss GTA vice city last mission.

Therefore, you need to stay alert and make essential purchases like weapons, safe houses, vehicles, businesses, etc. All these investments ultimately help you succeed in the mission and earn a hefty amount of revenue.

Unlocking Mission

The way to unlock missions is easy yet full of effort. It would be best to finance some businesses that generate enough revenue per day to open the chain of missions. However, to unlock the last mission, you need to invest in many businesses from which printing press and the Malibu are mandatory.

GTA Vice City Last Mission

In the last mission of GTA Vice City, “Keep your Friends Close,” the player has some objectives that include killing and defending himself from the mafia. The final storyline of the GTA Vice City is quite interesting, where Tommy kills Lance Vance and Sonny Forelli to keep peace in his businesses. Also, the completion of the mission earns you around $30,000, along with other exciting rewards.

Mission Details

I will reveal the GTA Vice City Last Mission details here that will make you crave to play this stunningly awesome game. Having a natural environment and advanced graphics make missions more exciting and worth investing time in.

Ken and Lance would inform Tommy about His visit, upon which he plans to keep him calm and decided to set aside around $3 million counterfeit cash. When Sonny arrives at the mansion with some members of the Forelli business, Tommy would about to cool him by giving that fake cash, however in that very moment, and Lance would betray Tommy. Lance confront him over his counterfeit cash plan, and Tommy wouldn’t be in his sense for a few moments, struggle to digest the betrayal from his man.

The confrontation results in gun fighting within the mansion, and while Tommy is busy fighting the Forelli members, Lance would run towards the roof. The members would try to steal money from the safe, which is unavoidable but letting go of Lance would also not the plan, so Tommy would have to kill the entire gang, catch the lance and finally kill him.

After killing Lance for his betrayal at the last moment, Tommy would come back and have some discussions with Sonny over the past crimes and the reasons for him going to prison. But, after all the confrontations, Tommy decided not to waste time anymore and kills Sonny, followed by his guards.

After all the drama, ken reappears and asks about the gunshots and stuff. After a bit of explanation about disagreement in business deals, Tommy replies that “that could be the start of a beautiful business relationship.”

And that’s how the journey of GTA Vice City Mission ends. After that, you could play some side missions like pizza delivery and keep earning.

Bottom Line

You can not unlock the mission chain until you earn a reasonable amount and save your identity in the game. Reaching the next mission requires succeeding in the previous one, which could only be possible if you could save a significant amount in your savings.

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