GTA Vice City Properties – The Ultimate Guide About Vice City Properties

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GTA Vice City treats the game lovers with splendid challenging missions and incredible rewards after their completion. With the town’s natural environment and advanced graphics, the game will entirely change the concept of video gaming for you. So, we have written a detailed guide about GTA vice city properties.

Surprisingly, GTA Vice City APK allows you to purchase different vehicles, weapons, and properties to make things easy and exciting. All of the items you acquire will help you reach the next level of the game while securing a valuable amount after every achievement. Also, several missions demand to buy certain weapons or vehicles, but the properties will be the sole investment that will generate revenue for you and make you stronger in the long run.

In addition, the game will facilitate you with the town’s map with the properties worth, along with its revenue offer.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the details of GTA Vice City Properties and see how we can improve our income with our assets.

GTA Vice City Properties

First, you should learn two types of properties available to purchase in the GTA Vice City: home and businesses. All of the asset properties will be accessible to you after you complete the “Shakedown” mission. These assets will make money for you to satisfy your weapon, vehicle, and other hunger. However, safehouses will be available to acquire from the beginning; there is no condition to gain their access.

Now, we are ready to get into the details of properties you should buy and why you should buy them.

Asset Properties

Assets or Businesses are the ones that will make a side income for you.

  • Vercetti Estate

Fortunately, this one is free to gain access to. However, it will make around $5,000 a day and have many features, including a garage to park your expensive cars, weapons in the basement, a limo outside, and lots more. Besides, it is located at Starfish Island, and I’m sure you don’t want to miss it.

  • Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory

Next, we have an Ice Cream factory that claims to generate $3,000 a day by making lots of Icecreams and selling them in a town. The factory’s location is premium, that is Little Haiti, but it will ask a cost of around $20,000.

  • Pole Position

At the famous Ocean beach, you have a chance to acquire a pole position with a private dance area for only $30,000 plus $300 for dancing. However, the return is satisfactory, with $4,000 a day.

  • Sunshine Autos

What’s better than owning a showroom? Well, you can keep anything in a Vice City, including three garages, a pray and play station, cool cars for only $50,000 with a promise of generating $1,500 a day.

  • Kaufman Cabs

Running your own cab service around a town can be a great side income source, and making $5,000 a day could be a huge deal. However, you can acquire this asset for only $40,000 in Little Haiti.


Another type of property we have is safe houses where you can stay as long you want or keep your cars, weapons, and stuff in a safe place. Safehouses are available at different locations, and you can purchase according to your convenience or need.

  • 1102 Washington Street

It is a Luxurious apartment suite for only $3,000, a perfect place to hide and prepare for the next task.

  • Link View Apartments

It offers a significant garage and a safe place to make yourself comfortable for only $6,000.

Note: There are so many cheap or expensive safehouses available to you from the beginning, and you can purchase matching your needs and budget.

Bottom Line

Acquiring properties in a GTA Vice City is a thoughtful decision to have yourself home and several businesses for side income. Hustling will never end in Vice city, so you need to prepare yourself accordingly.

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