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It is an excellent game that requires an internet connection to play. Supercell's free download has been offered to try their games, and Hay Day Mod APK is one of those that you may try.
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Hay Day Mod APK was developed by the Supercell Company and was launched in 2010. There are many of the games available in the Google Play Store, which are considered the most exciting games. It is an excellent game that requires an internet connection to play. Supercell’s free download has been offered to try their games and it is one of those that you may try.

Hay Day Mod Apk Features:

App Name Hay Day Mod Apk
Mod Version 2.4.0
Size 128 MB
Offered By Supercell
Price Free
Mod Features All unlocked
Updated On 2 days ago


Hay Day Mod APK is a farming game that enables us to feel like we have fields. The user has to play the game like a farmer who has to grow vegetables and fruit trees. And apart from just increasing fruits and vegetables, you have to perform like a breeder who has to breed different animals like chickens, cattle, pigs, horses, and others.

Amazing Features

However, it considers a different game compared to others available due to its outstanding features. It seems to be just a farm game, but it feels more than just a simple farm game due to its unique contents. While playing the game, you have to work as a farmer, and you have to be a talented manager who has sufficient economic knowledge. Apart from the fun, many other things make the game richer like fisting friends’ house & fishing, etc.

Most Popular Farm Game

Hay Day is a popular name in the industry of world games. If someone is looking for a farm game, then it will be the best recommendation, and if you are an android user, then Hayday Mod APK will be the best choice for you. It has become so popular that it has been released in around 122 countries and has become the most favorite game of farm game lovers. Hay day offline is also available if you wish to play offline because of having no internet connectivity.

No Boring Effect

The most crucial aspect is that while playing the game, it will never make you feel dull, and you will be enjoying at every stage of the game. There are a lot of levels in the game, and each of them is not only interesting but also amazing. At each station, the user will have a changeling menu of agriculture.

Eye-Catching Images

An essential feature that every game must have to attract the user is its graphic quality. A game with having low-quality graphics can never get much success in the market. One of the fantastic features is its eye-catching images as they are so much attractive, which makes it more interesting for the players. The photos are not only beautiful but also realistic. When you start playing the game, you will feel that it is like a real farm.

3D Graphics and Real Modeling

In it, everything is in 3D graphics and real models. You don’t have a rice farm in the game, but a developing place has fertile land, which you have to develop yourself as a farmer. You will have to construct the buildings as the game proceeds. Sheds for your animals will grow slowly, and you will have significant economic benefits. There are some other buildings which you have to build continuously like bread houses, warehouses, dairy factories and many more.

Both Crops and Live Stock

In Hay Day Mod APK, you have to grow different crops, and you have to breed the animals too. At the same time, you are playing the game, given a notification when your products will be ready for harvesting where it is a crop or livestock. In this game, you have your field, which you may decorate as per your desire using the given options.

Goods Trading

As you have to perform like a farmer who has to grow the crops and breed the animals and sell them like a real farmer whose aim is to produce both things and trade them to earn money. You have to collect goods, and it is your responsibility to manage your customers who come there to buy agricultural products. You have to collect the goods to increase your storage.


It is significant for a player of Hay Day Mod APK that he has to increase his storage as much as he can. Apart from producing different crops and breeding animals, you can earn a bonus by rotating a wheel, which will be appeared around the fields.


There are some shortcomings in most of the games we play. In the case of Hay Day Mod APK, you may find that you will have to wait long to harvest your crops, especially if you have a narrow land and seems to be challenging to collect raw materials which require for shops, animal husbandry, and agriculture which you have to buy and that appears to be expensive. You can also download cheat hay day, a modified version of the official Hay Day game, to get unlimited rewards.

Unlimited Coins and Diamonds

While playing the game, you have to earn coins and diamonds, which help you complete your mission. The good thing is that being a mod Apk version. You will have unlimited coins and diamonds, which you late use to buy all of those items which are useful in animal husbandry. Hay Day Mod enables you to get unlimited coins and diamonds.

Farming and Product Development

While playing Hay Day Mod APK, your prime duty is to do farming. You will have to grow plants, raise animals to get benefits from them. It all depends upon you that how efficiently you do your work. If you work efficiently, you will be able to become rich more quickly. You have to become wealthy if you want to grow your farm to a certain level.

Inventory Storage

In Hay Day Mod APK, you will have to keep in mind that crops and animals’ production is not the only job that being a farmer you have to perform. You will have a limit for the inventory of your agricultural products. If your production is too much and you don’t have sufficient storage for the finished products, it will create a problem for you, and your work is a complete waste. Besides producing agricultural products, you will have to develop your farm for their proper storage needs.

Strategic Element

As your role in Hay Day Mod APK is a farmer, you have to make some strategies to run your farm successfully. When you have excess production, and you don’t have sufficient storage capacity to store them properly, you have to find a way to manage them so that there should not be any wastage, and you must be able to get the benefits of them. For example, if you have excess milk, you can make butter from it or use it as an ingredient in bread making, and the same is the case with wheat, wool, honey, etc.

Being a Good Economist

The things you make in it are not likely to be consumed out all, and at the same time, it is not possible to store them because the farm is overgrowing, and there is no further storage space. In this situation, you will have to perform like a good economist by selling all of your excess stock to make money because money is the only thing that does not require any storage limit. Once you earn money, you can use it to develop your farm by upgrading the other stuff.

Ways of Trading

You will have to learn to trade in it then lets you know many trading ways. The first way you realize that you can sell your goods on the stalls in front of your farm is that many people will visit your farm to buy your products as per their needs. You will have to manage your production, and you’re trading simultaneously, and as a professional farmer, you will have to maximize your earning, which you need to develop your farm.

Means of Transportation

Transportation in Hay Day Mod APK, you may ship your products by train, and it will be the best choice as trains have a very tight schedule. You can also use ships and trucks to deliver your goods or even if you want to buy some goods, the same means will be used. They offer you to sell them all those goods you cannot sell to any other person.


How to play Hay Day?

When you start playing the game, you have to perform like a professional farmer. Your prime responsibility is to manage the farm. You have to plant the new crops and to harvest the ready one. Apart from planting and harvesting, you have to collect the products needed to feed your animals. You also have to breed your animals to produce more to sell them to earn money, which will be used later to develop your farm. You have to read the newspapers because you have different deals to purchase the products you need or sell your excess products.

How to get gift cards on Hay Day?

In hay day mod apk, unlimited gift cards are already available for you, and if you download it from the Play store, you follow the procedure. You can get gift cards in the Hay Day game. A currency used to purchase mystery packages. While playing the game, when a player needs help from the other player, an envelope is shown on the crate. When you double click on the envelope, you receive a thank you letter.

How to get vouchers on Hay Day?

If you want to get vouchers on a hay day free of cost, you also download it from nextgenapk. There are some of the activities due to which you are given vouchers on Hay Day. For example, when you fill the truck orders for metal bars, coals, or jewelry. When boat shipment is completed or when you let the town visitors visit your sanctuary. When you spin the wheel of fortune, you are given a voucher when you win any horseshoe reward in derbies.

How much hay does a horse eat per day?

It all depends on how much a horse eats per day on the farm. If you have given access to your horses to plenty of grass, it will serve as forage, but if your horse is given limited grass, you will have to make sure that your horse is being fed by hay. On average, a horse of 1000 pounds should eat around 10 to 20 pounds of hay daily.

How to cheat on Hay Day?

Cheats available on Hay Day, but these cheats are not as useful as we may have in many other games. Firstly you may try to find an unlocked treasure chest. You may find a toolbox on a friend’s or helper’s farm. If you find that the toolbox is unlocked, you can have everything in it but if the roll box is locked, then keep searching on other’s farm until you find an unlocked toolbox.

How to get free Diamonds on Hay Day?

Hay Day depends upon the diamonds, and you are given only 05 diamonds. When you start the game, but there are many ways through which you can get many diamonds, and even you can get them free. If you download, hay day mod apk from nextgenapk unlimited diamonds are available for you free of cost. For example, when synchronizing your Facebook account with your game, you will be able to get diamonds every time you proceed with an up level. You can also get a free diamond when you watch a movie, and this free diamond will be given to you each time, even if you watch that movie for a couple of seconds. After reaching level 24, you can start mining for diamonds by using TNT.

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