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We can say that Pokemon Go is the most interesting game. Right after its release, the Pokemon Go Mod Apk got so much popularity which was not only due to the unique gameplay but because of those differences which make this game different from other games at that time.
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We can say that Pokémon Go is the most interesting game. Right after its release, the Pokémon Go Mod Apk got so much popularity, which was not only due to the unique gameplay but also because of those differences that make this game different from other games.

Pokémon Go Overview

Name Pokémon Go MOD APK
Genres Adventure
Version 0.195.0
Developer Everyone
Requires 5.0
Size 109 MB
Mod Features Unlimited Money
Updated 1 day ago

Pokémon Go Mod Apk Information

If we want to have a short overview of Pokémon Go MOD APK, we can that this game offers its players the to capture, train, and exchange Pokémon, which is virtual but based on the actual world. This game is freely available on the internet to download and play. There is a device that you can use with your mobile phone without unlocking the screen. This device is a GO Plus bracelet. This device is just like a ring that will notify the player when there will be any nearby. Niantic, which is a multi-million dollar company, has developed this game.

Transformation of Real World

Today virtual reality technology has become part of mobile games. We can say that this technology has transformed the real world into a world of games. Today’s games have become a blend of two real and virtual elements. MOD Pokémon Go is exactly such a combination of both of the realities. The most amazing thing about this game is that it uses Google Maps for its own mapping. In other games, we are given the maps designed by the developer of that particular game. So this game is an open-world game that doesn’t not needs to be built on any map.

Regular Updates

Although 2 years have passed after appearing in this game, its players’ enthusiasm is no longer the same as before. But still, there are many fans of this outstanding game. The publisher of this game regularly updates the new version to attract users. Recently they have updated it with some new features due to which it has become smoother than before.

A Unique Game

However, it proves to be a unique game because we compare it with other games available in the market. In other traditional games, you have to sit at home and control your character moving on the phone screen, but in this game, you will to really move on the road in real life, and some maps are integrated with Google Map to locate your location.

Real Graphics

Graphics plays a vital role in making the game more attractive to its users. The graphics of Pokémon Go Modded APK are considered notable. This game is designed under the 3D image, the same as in popular TV series on TV. The camera of your mobile phone goes back to the real world, making it so close to reality. The background you have in real life becomes the background in the game. In this way, you will be looking at the real world and the fantasy in almost real-life through your mobile screen.

A Popular Game

Many mobile gamers don’t know much about this amazing game, but it is known to be one of the most popular games. It seems to be a strange game with different styles. It is considered an oriental game introduced in North America and got the title of the fastest game.

Virtual Interaction Technology

It is basically an application that uses virtual interaction technology. That is the reason if you want to play this game, you must have a smart mobile device. Your device must be connected to the internet, and your network speed should be at least 3G or 4G. This application also requires GPS turned on to get the location.

Unprecedented Experience

There is something special about it was for the first time that virtual interaction technology applied to the games. While playing this game, you don’t have to sit in one place. Rather you have to go out to the schools, parks, hospitals to catch it. So because of these reasons, this game will bring an unprecedented experience to you.

A Simple Game

It is a simple game as most of its plot is based on the content of the Pokémon Go movie. Each of the players in this game will have to move to the original location by using the Poke Ball trajectory to find and recruit Pokémon.

Diverse Pokémon Species

While playing Pokémon Go android MOD, you can easily recruit because they are so diverse in this game. You can find each type of Pokémon in different areas that are normally unfamiliar, but it is effortless to guess their position. For instance, you can easily find a water-type near a river or sea. To meet them you can use your own map called Milestones. You can also use Google if you want to know which the strongest Pokémon is.

Real-Life Experience

This game lets you enter such a world where you will be having a real-life experience while playing the game. In our real-life, we have to use a map when we go to another place, and this map will expand accordingly. There are newer milestones that will help you to search for more Pokémon. It is an easy game that lets you connect with your friends and keeps you active. It becomes fascinating when you have to go to the new lands to find, explore, and conquer Pokémon.

An Amazing Element

There is an amazing element in which will definitely entertain you a lot. When you start this game, it will activate your smartphone camera and GPS signal. This game will show you many of the wild Pokémon in the streets of the actual world. You walk around and collect lots of it.

Become a Pokémon Trainer

Pokémon Go MOD APK gives you such an experience that you will have real feelings for the coach. As you have to collect Pokémon’s and for this purpose, you have to fight with them to capture them. You have to throw the Poke balls, and you have to do it so quickly when you find coloured rings are around. Colours of the ring show the difficulty level of catching these Pokémon, green represents an easy level, and yellow shows moderate difficulty.

‘Developers’ Idea behind the Game

Many expert people believe that the main cause of this game’s success is a unique idea and technological breakthroughs. Niantic is the developer of this game, wants to be a monster Pokémon in real life. While playing, you will find them in familiar places of your daily life. Interesting gameplay and familiar graphics make this an outstanding game. Moreover, the ability to interact with other players creates an irresistible attraction for us.

Variety of Pokémon’s

Moreover, it offers you many types of Pokémon’s which you have to capture. These include Venusaur, Blastoise, Charizard, Pikachu, and many more. While playing this game, you will discover them on planet Earth! This game will give you a chance to capture the Pokémon all around you, so you have to get your shoes on and step outside to explore the world around you.

Action Element

This game is just not about to capture Pokémon. There is an element of action in it as you have to join three teams, and you have to battle for the prestige and ownership of the gyms by having a maximum at your side. When you walk around in android Pokémon Go MOD APK, your smartphone will vibrate to indicate that there is a Pokémon around. You have to take aim and throw a Poke Ball on it, and you will have to stay alert; otherwise, it might get away.

Strategic Element

Apart from the action element, you will experience a strategic element in the game as you level up. When the game proceeds further, and you level up, you will be able to catch powerful Pokémon to complete your collection. You can also add Pokémon to your Pocked by hatching eggs. Take on Gym battles, and you aim to defend your gym. Also, assign your Pokémon to defend your Gym against all comers.


Pokémon Go MOD APK is free to use and optimized for only smartphones and not for tablets. It is compatible with android devices with at least 2GB RAM and android version 5.0+ installed on the device. There will be no guarantee of its compatibility if your device is without GPS capabilities or if the device is connected only to Wi-Fi networks. Trainers of all age groups welcome, but if you are a child, then parental consent is required.


Pokémon Go MOD APK proves to be the best game for those people who love play adventure games. It is a 2016 augmented reality base mobile game published and developed by Niantic. This game is basically the result of a collaboration between Niantic, Pokémon Company, and Nintendo. People have downloaded this amazing game more than 100,000,000+ times and available for free for Android and iOS devices. You can join trainers across the world who are also discovering Pokémon by exploring the world around them. This game has proved to be a global gaming sensation and got the title “Best mobile Game “by the game developers and “Best app for the year” by TechCrunch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pokémon Go Mod APK?

Pokémon Go MOD APK is one of the most popular adventure games. Due to this game’s style, it seems to be a strange game with different styles and the ability to communicate with others. This is basically an oriental game released in North America for the first time and got the fastest game title. It has both action and strategic elements in it.

One thing that makes this game different from all of the other games is that developers of this game have used virtual interaction technology, due to which this game has become a blend of the virtual and real world. While playing this game, you will experience your own environment blended with the virtual environment.

How to download Pokémon Go Mod APK?

As we know, it is a mod version, so you will not be able to find it on Google Play Store. Rather you will have to look for a third-party link to download this app. You may search for it on the Google search engine and find a link to download its APK file.

How to Install Pokémon Go Mod APK?

Installation of Pokémon Go MOD APK is so simple. You have to install its APK file just like any other app you download from Google Play Store and install it as you do not find it on Google Play Store, so you will have to download it from any trusted website. After downloading its APK file, you will have to change your mobile settings by allowing “unknown source.” After that, you have to click your APK file, and after a while, it will be installed on your device.



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