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Thomas “Tommy” Vercetti is a person in the Grand Theft Auto series who shows up as the hero of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (set in 1986). He is likewise referenced in The Introduction, a prequel of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (set in 1992), and in the actual game during the mission The Meat Business by previous companion and attorney Ken Rosenberg. Tommy was voiced by film entertainer Ray Liotta, making him the primary hero in the series with a voice entertainer.

Toward the finish of Vice City, Vercetti and his lawyer, Ken Rosenburg, bring down Sonny Forelli, turning into the de facto leaders of Vice City. Rosenburg’s addiction to drugs deteriorates in the resulting years, to the point Vercetti sends him to recovery in San Andreas. Despite the fact that Rosenburg recuperates from his cocaine dependence, he never truly fixes things up with Vercetti. It’s referenced in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that Vercetti won’t answer Rosenburg’s calls.

At the point when a crucial arrangement goes down, and Tommy loses two of his nearest relates, the hero calls up Sonny Forelli, an old companion, who acts all soft prior to mentioning to him what occurred at the docks. That is when Sonny Forelli goes crazy and transforms into the mean elderly person he truly is.

Tommy Vercetti – A Hero

Tommy Vercetti’s dread and disintegrating fortune in this scene make for quite possibly the most noteworthy GTA Vice City minutes. Particularly when he says, “I’m going to mail you the di*ks of those capabilities.”

GTA: Vice City’s Tommy Vercetti is the principal hero in GTA history who can really talk. Hence, it is straightforward what rouses the Italian mobster. Like Trevor Philips, Tommy is a frenzied person who rushes to outrage and brutality. Nonetheless, he is additionally exceptionally clever and is an expert organizer; regardless of whether those plans just include killing every one of his adversaries.

Tommy Vercetti is portrayed as both canny and touchy. He is handily rankled and fast to depend on brutality. He doesn’t spare a moment to kill, however a considerable lot of his casualties are attempting to kill Tommy, or have accomplished something that ensured their demises. Nonetheless, Tommy frequently demonstrates consideration and affectability towards characters like Mercedes Cortez and particularly Earnest Kelly, seeing Kelly as his very own mentor because his father working in print works, and showing outrage and concern when Kelly is harmed by Sonny’s assassins.


Tommy Vercetti shows numerous attributes just the same as Tony Montana, a medication ruler from the film Scarface. The two both end up estranged abroad, both show up in the city wearing Hawaiian shirts, both ascent to control in Miami utilizing incredible measures of brutality, both form a realm from an enormous home and manor, both have irritabilities and are inclined to savagery, both work as agreement executioners, and both killed their partners and took their ex-supervisors’ domains.

The inside of the Vercetti Estate is even displayed after Montana’s manor, save for the absence of an indoor pool. There are, notwithstanding, key contrasts, most strikingly that Tommy didn’t get dependent on his own opiates (he even cordially turns down liquor offered during conferences) and that Tommy endure the shootout in his chateau, instead of Montana who was killed, and Tony Montana is of Cuban drop, though Tommy Vercetti is of Italian plunge. (Be that as it may, Al Pacino, who assumed the part of Montana in Scarface, is of Italian plunge)


Regardless of whether Tommy Vercetti is alive and surprisingly accountable for Vice City right up ’til the present time, it doesn’t appear to be possible you’ll see him in another Grand Theft Auto game. Tommy Vercetti was voiced by Goodfellas alum Ray Liotta, who was evidently a torment to work with. He wasn’t into the entire “computer games” thing and didn’t play the job genuinely. Would Rockstar need to sign him back on for the part in GTA 6? Will Tommy Vercetti be in GTA 6? Is GTA 6 even happening? The engineer is holding that asset away from plain view.

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