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Suppose you are a professional user or a regular one and you have to work many pages of files, and you are much concerned with the downloading. In that case, you need a professional downloader like UTorrent Pro APK for your particular content.
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Suppose you are a professional user or a regular one and you have to work many pages of files, and you are much concerned with the downloading. In that case, you need a professional downloader like UTorrent Pro APK for your particular content. There are different types of content on the internet that you have to use for a specific purpose. Some of the contents you have to view and use online, but some other contents are impossible to use except downloading them.

Traditional Downloading

When you want to download anything from the internet, a primary way is to go to the particular web page and search for your desired file’s download link. Here you will directly download your file, but it is just a traditional way of downloading, which most of the people who are not much familiar with information technology adoption. The advantage of this way of downloading is that it makes straightforward downloading possible for you as you have to search the key on Google and find the related web.

The drawback of Traditional Downloading

But the drawback or a disadvantage of straightforward downloading is that it has some limitations, which can only be fixed by torrents, which you can download with the help of a torrent downloader like UTorrent Pro. Another drawback of direct downloading is that when you download something, and there is any interruption due to any reason, you will lose whatever you have downloaded at that time if it has not been completed yet.

Utorrent Pro Apk Details

App Name uTorrent Pro
Genre Tools
Publisher Bit Torrent, Inc.
Latest Version 6.5.7
Size 10 MB
Get it on Google Play Store
Update 2 days ago

Utorrent Pro APK is such a quality torrent client that can be used on any android device. It is such a great application which can help you to download your desired file in such a quick way. The way it uses to work is called P2P protocol, which means peer to peer protocol. If you are interested in high-quality movies or songs, then this application may prove to be the best choice for you. You can not only find torrents but also download them directly to your phone or android device with official uTorrent Pro for android.

Easy to find and downloading

Now it has become straightforward to find torrents and download them directly to your android device with U Torrent Pro, which has fantastic features, including battery saving and auto shutdown, etc.

A Handy Android App

UTorrent is considered to be the no, one torrent client in the world of information technology. If you are such a user who loves media and doesn’t want to be restricted to your desktop to enjoy your favorite media, then U torrent pro will solve it. The inventors of this great app have introduced this pro version as a handy android torrent app so that you can download and play whatever you like.

No Ads

While using it, you will not be annoyed by unwanted banner ads. This great app’s battery saver feature is an amazing one that temporarily stops the torrents, which you have your battery low to a predefined level. The auto shut down part is another great one that automatically shuts down torrenting when you download are done.

Wi-Fi Only Feature

Notably, it has a unique, clean design and light. When you start downloading a torrent, the “Wi-Fi only feature” of this app saves your mobile data. It gives you an opportunity for quality music listening and video watching after downloading them.

Easy Searching

Using UTorrent Pro, you can not only download the torrents, but you can also find the torrents of your choice. The beauty of this fantastic application enables you to search for your favorite torrents without using any web browser for searching torrents.

All types of contents

There are different types of users on the internet, and their use depends upon their specific choice. However, it allows you to find and download movies, games, anime, TV shows, music, or whatever of your interest. You can download your favorite content directly to your android device in such a convenient way. You may think of this app as the ultimate app for all of your download needs.

Unlimited Download Speed

Speaking about will not impose any restriction upon you regarding downloading speed. It will download at the maximum speed which will be available or permitted by your internet connection. Due to this reason, it is strongly recommended to use this app with the “Wi-Fi only” option because if you are using mobile data, then 3GB of data will be eaten up in minutes. The uTorrent Pro proves to be your assistant for downloading the stuff you love to watch.


Utorrent Pro APK offers you many unique features as it is the best worldwide torrent client and is a modified version. It provides you all of the unlocked features to serve you in the best way. The Premium version of this app will not cost you more than just $3.5 in the play store. Another good thing about this excellent app is that it is a secure app as it often happens with us that when we download any app out of the play store, the downloaded file may have some adware or malware. Still, in the case of this application, you don’t have to be worried about that.

Overall Features

Here are some of the essential features which UTorrent Pro offers to its valuable users,

  • The app has been optimized for Android 4.0 and above.
  • You will have unlimited pauses and resume support.
  • There is no restriction regarding file size.
  •  There is no speed restriction for downloading the file.
  • It was built in Bit Torrent client.
  • Desired downloaded location.
  • Having inbuilt music and video player
  • Torrent searching available within the application.
  • No irritating ads
  • Battery Saver option
  • The auto-shutdown facility is available.
  • Wi-Fi only option is available.


Instant Streaming

Instant streaming is one of the fantastic features offered by concerning. This feature has allowed you to preview a torrent file that you are going to download but before downloading it so that you may better decide that you should download it or not. Another benefit of this feature is that it gives you quality confirmation of the content claimed by the uploaded. So if you want to enjoy all of these fantastic features, you will have to download uTorrent Pro-Apk.

Free Content

There is another good thing about UTorrent Pro APKis its free content feature. Still, it is a little bit mysterious because we don’t find what free uTorrent Bundles are, but we can guess that free uTorrent Bundles means some of the streaming services contents Bit Torrent Now.

Annual Fee

Original uTorrent experience has been ruined by the advertisements users have been facing over the past many years. Still, the company tries to justify that these advertisements’ support helps them in the development process. But the customers of UTorrent Pro APKcan support the company, and they can get rid of these annoying ads by paying $19.95 as an annual fee.

Safe Usage

Tormenting is an activity done by most IT users, especially by professional users or other malicious actors who always target them. So it is strongly recommended that you use a VPN service when using it, which will protect you from hackers and your internet connection. Privacy has been covered, so using a VPN, you can make your download safe and sound for your future uses.

Best Performance

Many torrent clients are available on the internet, but talking about it is miles ahead of all of them based on its usability, speed size, features, and price. Another reason for this superiority upon others is that it pays more attention to the performance than any other thing. The application is small in size as just 4MB, which seems tiny compared to others.

Supporting Platforms

UTorrent covers almost all of the platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android. Its android version includes UTorrent Pro APK, which is feature-rich. You will find several useful features that make a difference between this app and other competitors or rivals. So it proves to be the best choice for all of your tormenting needs on whatever platform you want to use as per your convenience.

Speed Cap

The great app of UTorrent Pro allows its users to have a scheduled speed cap for different timings of a day. For example, if you want to use maximum speed during the night, it will be done for you from the setting options of this application, and even you can cap the rate as maximum bandwidth for downloads. This way, you will provide sufficient bandwidth for other essential tasks being performed by you.

Eye Catching Interface

Utorrent Pro APKhas a smart and attractive interface that is very easy to use. Its eye-catching interface has simple and useful tools that enable us to use this application without any complexity. This application is not creating a third party, so there are no chances of external plugins to be added. Utorrent Pro Apk download is available at Google Play Store.


Utorrent Pro APK is considered one of the most trustworthy modified Bit Torrent downloading clients with outstanding features. You are given all of the premium features of the official app and free of cost. It has a comfortable user interface, which provides you the most enjoyable experience. This application has been designed by world-class professionals, ensuring speed, safety, and comfortability for its users. This application has different languages because this great app is serving more than 100 million users. It uses advanced torrent technology, which helps provide outstanding performance and speed. You don’t have to update it as it is a newly updated version of the official uTorrent app, so download it and have fun with it. Overall this application is more than sufficient to meet all of your torrent needs.


How do I get started using uTorrent?

First of all, you have to search for your desired torrent file which you want to download. You have to keep in mind that you are searching for a torrent file with a .torrent extension. After you have selected the file to be downloaded, you have to tap on it, and you will be asked to select the files you wish to download within the torrent, and then you have to choose your desired location where this downloaded file will be saved for you. After following all these steps, your download will be started, and you will have complete information about the current downloading status.

How do I Pause torrents?

There are two options related to the pausing of torrents. First, if you want to pause all of the floods, you have to tap the menu button, which is usually three dots, and then you have to choose the “Pause All” option to pause all of the currently active downloads. You have to choose the torrent you want to pause. An option will appear before you to stop it. By pressing that button, you will make a confirmation of breaking downloading of that particular torrent, and its downloading process will be paused till you resume it.

How to play files within the application?

When the torrent file is completely downloaded, you have to tap on it after tapping. You will be asked to select a player through which you want to play this file. If you have not installed any player for media files, then you will have to install it from Google Play Store, but there are many phones which already have a media player installed, so in such case, you don’t have to install any player.

Is uTorrent Pro APK is safe to use?

Yes. It is safe to use, but it is also a fact that a mod version of the original application may be harmful to your android device and the data of it because almost all of the modded applications are usually created by unknown developers. So you have to be careful of malware, which may be a risk to your critical data and your device.

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